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Hi all,

Work has been getting in the way of training as well as a drop in temperature which has hampered my outdoor swimming. Although cold water has magical effects on my body, I get too cold so that climbing up the ladder is a challenge. I think it's time to get the indoor pool operational. I looked at the wetsuit option but they are true torture devices when it comes to getting it on.

It looks like great training all around although I detect that change of season feeling for many of us. 2 weeks ago when the weather became cold, I was really in the dumps. It's a transition time for sure.

Pell, the donut rides sound truly bizarre. I'm glad the last ride was an improvement but I can't think of a more unhealthy food to pair with cycling!

Larry, pedicures are the best. Most men dismiss them as too girly. Good for you to experience the benefit.

Dave, this is long overdue. Congratulations on the triking.

Take care all and continue with the marvelous training,

Teena Marie
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