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hey there! Welcome to our world haha.
I found Copaxone the easiest to take and to integrate into my nightly routine. Avonex was a little scary but only once a week, and the flu like symptoms were pretty bad, but if you take a painkiller before, and the next afternoon, the shot it isn't so bad. I also found taking a warm/hot bath before helped relax me and the muscles making the needle easier to go in. Rebif side effects were less flu like for me, I would just get a slight headache that Ibuprofen would take care of. Taking it only three days a week was pretty easy too. I did it Mon, Wed, and Fri. It like Copaxone is subQ which is just under the skin, I used the autoject for both and had few problems, I had to stop giving the shot in my thighs and backs of the hips because it would make my legs spasm. Other than nerve problems that had nothing to do with the shots themselves I had no problems
All the drugs have their pros and cons. I'm not taking any of them anymore because they didn't work for me, meaning I got more lesions and a lot more relapses while taking them and their purpose is to stall those things. In a few weeks I'll be starting Tysabri so I'll be able to tell you about that too haha.
All the drugs work differently for everyone so its possible that you have different experiences with the one you choose.
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