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Well Hi all: Time to check in…. ski season is over, officially, as of today. Was supposed to be in New Hampshire right now to ski one more time , but the weather didn’t agree and it’ll be raining and 50 degrees tomorrow with the beginning of brown snow showing thru so we cancelled it. I am so so content with what the iSkiBike has given me. Can’t even say what it has given me “back”, since I never skied this well when I was able bodied. Happily, Blues ( intermediate trails) are now something that continue to challenge me, but they do not freak me out, and I am able to ski them in complete control. ( Whew...). I’ve been back on my local mountain three times this season, and this was the first time in three years. It was just so wonderful to feel that I can really just ski with my friends. I might need a push every once in awhile if going on a flat section, but apart from that, we just have fun together. So freeing… And to think that next season, I can be out on the slopes of my local mountain every single week.. Wow…

Seriously, if any fellow ActiveMSers out there want to find a resort that has the iSkiBike through an adaptive program please message me. I just so believe in this piece of equipment, and really want to share the joy with the many who have given up skiing for physical reasons. Obviously, not for everyone, but there’s a whole bunch of people it could help to get them out enjoying winter sports.

Concerning my training in general, I have been increasing my sessions with handheld weights as I really need to work on my arms. Been doing exercises that fire up my deltoids more than my rotator cuffs, which are very painful when taxed. Just found a way to bypass them. I know this will take time but it feels good to be really addressing this. Been also bumping up the number of, and consistency of core work as my PT saw that my weak core is the culprit for my increased swaying back and forth when I walk without my trekking pole or cane. Been back on the trainer with the trike more consistently for the past almost two months, which also feels good. My focus there has been simply to work on getting better symmetrical pedaling. I’ve been focusing on the four sections of the pedal stroke , especially with my right, weaker leg. We’ll see if I feel this when I get outside…probably not until the end of the month as I have to get the motor put back on and once I do, the trike stays in the garage between rides. And the trainer is in the house.

Two rides are planned this year, and they are the same as last year. Our local Roe Jan Ramble, and I probably will do the 18 miler again…it is a challenging, hilly ride and just beautiful countryside. And I will be doing NYC BikeMS again in October. Actually just looking forward to getting back outside around here for some good rides whatever the distance as it is just such a great place to bike safely on the roads…

Happy to read that all you “hipsters” are getting back in action…. Congratulations Alain on your great progress and enjoy your time with your mom in France..... 97 years old, now that is an accomplishment! And Grady and Marina, kudos to you too! Karen, I like your goals for the year.. And Larry, as usual, loved your story of the “almost perfect” ride.
Dave, very neat that you are on riding on such a renowned trail. It sure sounds like Heaven from the description.

Happy Spring Everyone...
Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.
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