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Hi everyone! I was just diagnosed April 17, 2018, so very recent. I'm a runner and also very active at the gym, doing all kinds of bootcamp/tabata/HIIT classes. I had been dealing with strange "symptoms " and injuries from late 2016 and all through 2017. Last March, during a half-marathon, I experienced a "floppy" left leg and had a difficult time finishing the race. My regular time was usually anywhere between 1:50 and 2:04, but I finished with a 2:15. At first I thought maybe I had not trained enough. A few months later, during a different race in September, I experienced the floppy leg again, and my time went to 2:37. Fast-forward to November 2017, and my time was now 2:44, with extreme leg fatigue and tightness and just overall crappy gait. Left leg numbness has been with me for a few years now, but it was always attributed to compressed sciatic nerve. My family doctor sent me for MRI of lower back, and in January 2018, I was told that I had a herniated disc at L5-S1. Spine specialist told me to stop all physical activity, specially running! Prescribed PT and rest for 3 months. I followed his advice, though it was very hard for me to stop running and the gym, and became very depressed. I attended PT 3x per week for over two months, with no real improvement. In fact, I feel like my legs became tighter and way more achy during this period of time! My PT, who's also a good friend of mine, referred me to a different spine doctor for a second opinion. During regular examination, he found hyperreflexia, and ordered cervical/thoracic MRI, plus lots of bloodwork to find vitamin deficiencies and test for lyme disease. The results revealed inflammation and tiny lessions at C3 and C5, and he immediately ordered brain MRI and referred me to a neurologist. A few lessions found on brain MRI. I have seen 3 different neurologists since, and they all agreed on MS. I am relieved to finally know what is wrong with me, but also a little terrified. Two of the neurologists I saw recommended I get on meds right away and gave me a few booklets. One of the doctors said we could go on a "wait and see" approach. All three doctors seem to agree that this is "mild MS", as I didn't have any other symptoms. (But I have read that starting out with leg problems as opposed to optic is actually not a good thing!)

In the past month I have started running and going to the gym again, though it is a struggle. I was used to running a 10k about 5-6x per week, and now even 2-3 miles are hard, as my left leg gives out and I get a little foot drop. But I'm not giving up and I feel much better (emotionally) since I started running again!

In the past 3 weeks or so, I have developed other symptoms: mild pins and needles in my right arm/hand that comes and goes; pins and needles in my right foot, that also comes and goes! My right little toe seems to always be asleep recently. I experienced a little tingling on half of my face a few days ago and it really freaked me out, but only lasted about 2 days, and it's now gone.

I'm really stressing about starting meds, since all the side effects sound a little scarier than my current symptoms! But I realize that it might not be smart to delay treatment. Meeting with the first neurologist (the one who diagnosed me) on June 1st.

Sorry for the long/ramble first post. I'm just glad to find this forum, and be able to hear about others going through the same thing as me.

Oh, also I'm female and just turned 42 three weeks ago.
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