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Default Riding against the wind

Some of you may have seen the wind fanned fire around Boulder CO on the national news. I can verify the 45 mph winds that were blamed for that fire getting out of control because a couple of friends and I tried to do a 70 mile one way ride in those winds on Labor Day. I can ride in 30 mph wind with 45 mph gusts but itís no fun. Our plan was to meet our wives for lunch at the end of the ride and pile in a car for the trip home. It was fortunate the wives were already close because we called for rescue when the route came to some fairly long but only moderately steep hills and the wind was still howling.

Iíll say one thing for doing that though, it made riding in the 20 mph winds a day later seem almost easy.

One could probably draw some parallels to living with MS vs riding against the wind, hmmm.

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