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Originally Posted by AMFADVENTURES View Post
Well, I'm only slightly delinquent in posting this. I did another Rituxan infusion last Monday and again, was kind of a ditz the rest of the day post infusion. Mondays are the day I take care of business. I paid the bills, sealed and stamped the envelopes, put them in the trash and went to the post office to mail them and wondered what the hell happened when I figured out I didn't have them. It took me a half hour to finally find them in the trash back at home and I had NO recollection of how they got there??? I don't normally experience this kind of short term memory problem except on Rituxan infusion day. Just an FYI.

Last time I did an infusion I didn't feel very good the day after but this time I was just fine although I did take it easy. On Wednesday I went for an easy bike ride followed by a baseball game in excruciating heat, walked at least two miles that day and didn't really experience any extraordinary problems with any of it! I got to say, this therapy has got to be about as easy as it gets.

This one was a tabout 7.5 months after my last one. After I had the "Ageing MSer and potential discontinuation of therapy" talk with my Neuro, which I declined, he called me to persuade me to go to an 8 month infusion schedule because of a gut infection I got shortly after I started Rituxan and because blood tests at 6 months indicated that my B cells had not begun to regenerate. No problem, although I suspect B cells might not be the only thing Rituxan is affecting!

Anyway, this therapy seems to be working pretty well. I suspect most of the problems I continue to have are due to the effects of age on an already compromised neural system and although that's not pretty, I continue to believe that the Rituxan is effectively keeping the MS at bay. I wish it had been brought to my attention at least several years earlier, I might have saved a few more neurons!


Glad things are going well. I had an infusion at the beginning of June and did not expect much. My previous infusion last December seemed to not have helped at all but, now I think the December infusion’s benefits were masked by a serious exacerbation. That exacerbation seems to have run its miserable course so June’s infusions put me back on track and I am functioning at a pretty good level in the midst of stressful times. At least I am still farming!
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