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neurox, you are absolutely correct. While based on these results (and those from other studies), diet alone doesn't influence relapses, lesions or disability, diet clearly affects weight. Specifically BMI. And higher BMIs, as you posted, is associated with negative MS outcomes.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears the general takeaway from MS diet studies is a) eat a healthy, balanced diet, and b) if you are overweight, make a concerted effort to lose those extra pounds. It might not matter how you lose those lbs (vegetarian, Mediterranean, Keto, gluten free, Wahls, etc.). Your MS will thank you. But if you are at a healthy weight, no "MS Diet" has been shown—in any clinical trials to date—to have any effect on disease progression.

Based on your username, it sounds like you may be a neurologist. And with an "x" it sounds even cooler, like a superhero. You just need a cape and a wicked Neuro X logo. Thoughts? On the diet part?

Dave Bexfield
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