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Default cupcakes vs cucumbers

Thank you Dave,

The name is a combo of latin for “nerves” and my real name. Trying for tragically cool but not fraudulently cool - I’m not a neurologist. Of course everyone will know my actual superpowers as soon as I use them

Originally Posted by ActiveMSers View Post
But if you are at a healthy weight, no "MS Diet" has been shown—in any clinical trials to date—to have any effect on disease progression.
I agree that nobody has proven, scientifically, that a diet made up of specific foods will stop MS disease progression.

You underscored my point in posting about the BMI study - that implicitly, a good diet can lead to “better” general health (measured in part by BMI) which could improve or reduce MS symptoms. I have light RRMS (20 years) but I too notice my symptoms are not as bad when I “take care of myself” through diet and exercise.

I DO look forward to the time when doctors will be more adamant with their patients about the difference between the 500 calories in a frosted cupcake vs the 500 calories in a chicken salad. Along those lines, here’s my new favorite nutrition article outlining some randomized food trials and general health.

Dave thank you for your tireless efforts in sharing ways for MSers to do our absolute best.

Processed Foods Are a Much BIgger Problem Than We Thought
In two new papers published in the BMJ, the more ultraprocessed — or industrially manufactured — foods a person ate, the more likely they were to get sick and even die. In one study, they were more likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems. The other linked an ultraprocessed diet to a higher risk of death from all causes.

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