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Default Impossible to Digest Burger

Originally Posted by ActiveMSers View Post
You make a great point, Rox. A calorie is not a calorie. And all vegetarian food is not healthy. Case in point: while the new Impossible Burger is extremely meat-like, it's likely as bad for you as the real thing, and far more processed. A straight-up veggie burger without the processing is far healthier. The Washington Post just ran a story on it yesterday in fact. -D
It’s great to see that being published, thank you and amen about highly processed vegetarian foods. They may a way for big corps to continue profiting from junky ultra delicious food in broccoli’s clothing. Who could go to Burger King for a “plant based” whopper and not get fries? But just maybe, a few moderately paced processed veggie burgers are “less bad” than a few big macs, in the long run, as long as we keep perspective on all the trappings we’re rationalizing with them.

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