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I stumbled onto this thread and don't know if you'll check back, but I run when I'm having symptoms, and have run through a flare. (Although, it was really weird to run with my whole left side feeling as though I was coming off of Novicane!)

My neuro wants me to keep doing what I'm doing, because I seem to be doing well. My symptoms are varied degrees of numbness on random parts of both legs. I have other symptoms, but the legs are what bother me while running. I've learned not to be afraid of this, but to pay attention.

I've run 7 marathons and have another in Redding, CA coming Jan. 16. I'll also run the Napa Valley Marathon this March. I believe in keeping my strength up.

When I was first diagnosed(in 2005), I read in a book somewhere that it was important to take whatever excersise you were doing and do that and more if possible. I was already doing marathons, so....I just keep plugging along.

Good Luck with your marathon. Where is it?
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