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Teresa26.2 and bjlokey,

I came across this site yesterday while looking for runners dealing with MS issues hoping for some advice, feedback and a chance to share experiences in overcoming flare ups during training.

I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and started running 3 years ago. I just ran my fist marathon last month and continue to train for an upcoming half marathon next month and will try another full marathon this spring (touch wood).

This past week I began feeling like I wasn't fully controlling my right foot while running on the treadmill. My foot also started to tingle and give that burning sensation which intensified as I pushed on into my workout. Fortunately, I did finish my run, and in a weird way, it felt afterwards that my little flare up distracted me from thinking about how tired my fast pace was making me and helped me to concentrate on reaching my workout goal.

I am slowly learning to run while being what feels on some days like being only 80 per cent in control of my body. If anyone has any advice to give or similar expereinces to share, I'm all ears.

Good luck to both of you as you continue your training and in your next races.
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