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Default Thanks for the inspiration!

Greetings Fellow MSers,
I've only been lurking for a few days but have read all the posts. I am impressed with what everyone is doing to stay in shape and beat this nasty disease. I was diagnosed in 1979. I was in and out of the hospital frequently for the first 2 years. My doctor told my wife to find a nursing home placement for me because i was progressing rapidly. Went into a longterm remission and up until about 3 years ago I was doing really well. Now i am having problems walking. For fitness I use 2 walking sticks, actually they are Exerstrider Nordic walking poles. I absolutely love them. For shorter trips i use one pole and that works. I am an avid cyclist but my numbers are not like some of yours. I have a road bike but transitioned to a trike last summer. The comfort of the trike is amazing as is the safety. Like others have mentioned, cars give me more space then they ever have when I've been on my 2 wheeler. I am slow on the trike. Like someone else mentioned, i ride in the big ring most of the time since it is hard to spin with spastic legs. The bike shop added a bigger ring on the front which helped some but still not enough for my competitive spirit. I tell my buddies that I am thankful I can still ride despite my M.S. But that doesn't mean i like to ride slow! I ordered a Bike Friday that should be arriving any day now. I feel with the road bike, Bike Friday and trike have my riding needs/desires pretty well covered.
I live in the frozen tundra and like to snowshoe and X-C ski but so far we have very limited snow . I recently joined the local YMCA. I go to 2 spin classes and 2 Pilates classes. My daughter sent me an article about Pilates for people with M.S. So I decided to give it a try. I am 60 and I am twice as old as anyone in the class and likely 3 times older than a few. It's only been two classes but I am working core muscles I didn't know i had!

Back to the trike. My right knee bends in to the point my leg brushes against the chain. When i got done with the 300 mile M.S. TRAM last summer i had some nasty looking raspberries on my leg. I bought a leg sleeve to wear and that helps but I would be interested in learning more about the "butt bra" or whatever you are calling it. I purchased the trike because i was struggling to get on & off my road bike, it wasn't a balance issue for me. I am really hoping my Pilates sessions will improve my flexibility and make that task easier.

When I was diagnosed, my dad came into my room and said " nothing is so bad it doesn't do some good". How true he was. I have met some absolutely wonderful people throughout my journey, i really enjoy my riding, skiing and snowshoeing buddies. They give me a hard time and I give it right back. We do our thing and maybe stop for a beer. We all do the M.S. Rides together. It has turned into a fun social group for my wife and me.

Let's all keep moving to the best of our abilities because I am quite certain exercise is one of the keys to beating this disease.

Happy Holidays to You & Yours!

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