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Grady, welcome. The TRAM ride looks like quite a feat, congratulations, and on a trike? You are absolutely right, exercise is key, if not to beating MS, certainly to living with it. Glad you joined us.

TM, your commitment and perseverance is always inspiring. Hope the winter doesn't last too long up there. More on core later.

I spent a very pleasant evening with Veronica in Breckenridge over a beer while she was here. We are probably kindred spirits of the adventurous kind, definably not just because of the MS. Afraid I haven't gotten that tail light fixed yet though V.

And speaking of core, the plyometrics have been postponed in favor of more core. As I tried to pick up my exercise routines, it became woefully apparent that core was the big problem. It's a slow go as some of those newly reactivated core muscles probably haven't seen much use in quite a while but it seems to be what's needed. Also, except for a brief cold spell, the weather has been exceptionally nice so I had to get the bike back out, clean it up, fix it's flat tires and hit the trails again. If the weather holds out I could see a total of 4,000 miles this year. On those days which are not suitable for a fair weather rider like myself, I try to walk.

It's a little harder during the holidays but we're still moving here,

Happy Hollidays
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