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Great article Dave! I hadn't seen that article and it did give me pause as I ate my cheese burger for lunch.
I note that the scope of the article didn't allow for the writer to speak of Dr Wahls's belief that two things are needed to "cure" ms - diet to repair the mitochondria AND retraining the electrical pathways that are rebuilding with diet with outside electric muscle stimulation.
Dr. Wahl's views seem rational so I felt it was worth a try, but I was unable to get any PT or Dr. to support this kind of treatment (as Dr. Wahl recommends) because I am told, this is unproven science. (My neuro had much less kind words.) However, I am still willing to give it a try - shock the living daylights out of my muscles for 6 week clinical trial if I could find one. One can get a hold of athletic muscle simulators on amazon, but not only are they very pricey, I would have no idea what I was doing anatomically, and so I figured I might cause more harm than good zapping myself. If you're reading this and thinking it is all hokem, though, I ask rhetorically why would electric muscle stimulation be beneficial for the paralyzed, stroke victims, and for elite athletes but not an MS patient who has impaired nerve conduction and therefore can't exercise fully? I once sat next to a stroke patient all hooked up to the electric stimulation device in PT and we compared physical weaknesses. Mine was the same as hers. We jokingly offered to to switch rehab treatments, I get shocked on stationary bike and she gets to walk treadmill while PT asks if she is tired yet.
Dr. Wahl's body suit for electric muscle stimulation is patented, and if available commercially I would be first in line to try it. Very similar body suits are popping up in special gyms, promising to give an athlete the edge and fully body workout in short time. Can't some entrepreneur look at the clinical data and do a clinical trial for MS patients!?! Please!
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