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Ouray is one of my favorite towns. Did you get to swim in the hot springs pool?
Yes, the hail stings alot. I haven't figured out my tolerance of the heat either. The humidity was fairly low and I was okay when moving on the bike. I got really hot during rest stops but they did have paper towels in ice water so that you could towel off and cool down. One rest stop at a church had AC and I hid inside during that entire break. I think on the second day there were many more hills, a stiff head wind and I was already tired.
My MS may be a milder variant- for now. My neurologist hasn't figured out what is going on with me. He is amazed with how well I am doing with all of the exercise. I have been off all meds for 2 years after having reactions to both Avonex and Copaxone. He has mentioned CIS.
Spent the day taking the MIL to the doctor. I will take MS over Alzheimers...

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