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Default Ms 150

Did just an hour yesterday morning at a very easy intensity. Hope I haven't taken it too easy this week, the MS 150 is still 150 miles, no mean feat and I'm feeling pretty drug out. Weather's looking fairly good, a little on the warm side for Saturday and possible showers on Sunday.

There have been a number of times when I've gone out for long hard hours on the bike and got up the next day able to walk almost perfectly. I'm thinking venous insufficiency might explain some of this, in fact, might explain why I seem to feel so much better wrt the MS when I persue rigorous cardiovascular exercise period. What it doesn't explain though is how the effects of some of the neural damage which is undoubtedly permanent, can come and go to the extent it seems to. Guess it's time to go see my Neuro. The Neuro's in my area haven't shown a lot of support for some of the newer MS theories like CCSVI but I suppose it is the place to start.

Ouray along with a hand full of other small towns in Colorado like Lake City and Crested Butte, display the idyllic mountain town setting. It's easy to see why it would be a favorite, they are captivating places. I meant to take a lot more pictures than I did but being in survival mode going up those hills and in white knuckle mode coming down just didn't lend itself to much opportunity for photography. Maybe next time.

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