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Default 2010 Bike MS

Well, I wouldn’t call it a piece of cake, but I would say the hills weren’t nearly as bad as I remember them from last year. It was 70 degrees and raining when I got to the start cue and didn’t stop for about an hour. I don’t mind riding in the rain, at 70 degrees I love it. It stayed cool until just before the bigger hills towards the end and then the sun came out and things heated up for the climb. When I got to the top and sat down to adjust my socks, the clouds moved back in and made for a very pleasant ride into Ft. Collins. I did the 73 miles in 4:45, only 15 minutes better than last year…and I thought I was really booking it the whole time. Guess I’ll work on speed next season.

Colorado MS tried to put on their usual excellent show at the finish but the weather didn’t cooperate. High winds, rain and lightening shut everything down twice. The second time, most people gave up and went to their rooms, including me.

The second day stayed below 80 all day, heat was never a problem. There were 3 people with the “I ride with MS” jerseys that I played leapfrog with for most of the ride. One guy was really a strong rider. He’d blow by me, ride miles ahead, then pass me again. I guess it was a ride hard, rest, ride hard, rest routine. He finished after me but he wasn’t gimping around like I do. Then there was a girl who was passing me on the hills early in the ride. I rode with her for quite a bit but eventually she petered out had to stop for some extended recovery. The third guy was just a solid rider. He’d pass me on the flats and I’d pass him on the hills and we rode like that for hours. At the rest stops, he gimped around about like I do. If I finished a little ahead of him, it was only because of a very long hill a few miles from the end.

This has been a spectacular season and I thank all of you who’ve listened to my tales and told some of your own. I’m going to take some extended time off the bike now to rest and recover but I think it's only appropriate that I leave the “2010 Bike MS Ride” with the call of the “Raw Hinie”.

Hinie Ho,

AMF Adventures

Pell, don't suppose you're considering the "Tour de Tucson"? We could give Mt. Lemmon another shot.

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