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Default Cooling fabric recommendations for runners... and one crazy tip

Ah, trick question. There isn't a "cooling" fabric I recommend, as they don't hold down temps for any reasonable length of time as water quickly evaporates and/or warms. And synthetic shirts, while good at wicking moisture and staying dry, tend to be warmer than straight cotton.

There are two vests that are light enough for running: Thermapparrel's lightweight vest and Coolture's new Cool Sport cooling vest. Note: both won't last much longer than an hour in the heat. Other fuller vests can be used pre and post race, or during breaks if it is a multi-stage/athlete race. Drinking small amounts of icy water frequently during activity helps.

My best advice: run behind behind an open refrigerated beer truck, as it provides both cooling and motivation. But getting a permit for such a thing is a bugger.....
Dave Bexfield
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