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Deb, you can read here:

And here:

No major news to report, but I'm not convinced my new DMT is helping as much as I would like. The slide is continuing, albeit slowly. Might re-look at Rituxan and amp up the insurance press. The legs are most affected; cog is still solid and upper body is doing well.

As for your concerns that the forum is not up to date as you'd like on HSCT, I've actually regularly posted all of the recent research on the procedure. It has about a 50% (maybe 60% on the high side) success ratio of halting MS at 5 years (TBD on longer terms). Astonishing success rates, which is what you see boasted on Facebook ("look at me, I'm cured!"), are common in years 0-3. Year 5? Not so much. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news: don't believe everything you read on the internet.
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