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Great to see how everyone's working it!

Mouse, good luck with your training for London, love to hear how you progress. Have you ever looked at the Dorsey strap?

Grady, nice routines. I also have noticed that I feel better when I maintain a reasonably well rounded exercise regimen, weights, cardio, stretching, always at my own pace.

Just back from a couple of weeks on the beach in Florida - with new respect and admiration for Teena Marie and her beach crawling endeavors. Walking the beaches was my main form of exercise there, that and eating (eating as exercise? Sadly yes). I seem to have put on a few pounds in that short two weeks so I really have to get back on the bike, ASAP.

Here's the plan:
March - get in 400 or so base miles. These will be long slow miles at a relatively low heart rate. Riding 3 to 4 times per week.
April - start getting a few intervals and some moderate hills in, also keep a few long slow rides going. Riding 4 times per week.
May - Steep short hills and long moderate hills separated with long slow miles. Start getting high (altitude). Riding 4 to 5 times per week.
June - More hills, get higher, might try to fit Mt. Evans in here. Keep up the slow recovery rides. Riding 4 to 5 times per week.
Early July - First shot at Pikes Peak. I should be able to get to the midway stop and hopefully a little further. Steep hills the rest of July, focus on strength, recovery riding between workouts, stay high. Riding 4 to 5 times per week.
August - Second shot at Pikes Peak, go until either endurance or strength gives out (I'm guessing it will be strength). Whichever one gives out first will determine the focus of training for the rest of the month. Riding 4 to 5 times per week.
September - Continue training from the end of August then a final Pikes Peak attempt.

My brother says he's going to attempt Pikes Peak with me - I'll believe it when I see the whites of his eyes. Legs, aka the hot blond yoga chick, says she'll do some of the training with me - she always liked the mountain rides. The Bullet, who claims I broke her with all the climbing we did last year, is taking charge of my training - hmm, I could be in big trouble here. It's got all the makings of another great year, if all goes well there could be quite a few vertical miles.

Dave, the two most popular bike computers are probably the Garmin Edge and Polar, although I understand Fit Bit is trying to get into the space. Whatever you decide, wireless is really nice and heart rate, speed, cadence, elevation, distance, course and the multitude of averages, totals and statistical measures available from them can be pretty much fun if you don't take them too seriously. There are also a number of web sites to which you can download your ride data and share it with friends, like MSrunner, Marina and me. Be warned, Marina looks like she's going to kill it this year.

The fun has begun,
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