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Hi everyone,

I just joined this forum last week and this is my first post. I just had my 2 year anniversary of my MS diagnosis and am doing my best to stay active, at least physically.

I've been running regularly for about 15 years, doing triathlons since 2008, doing volunteer coaching for my triathlon club the last 5 years.

I swim, cycle or run about 7 to 8 times a week and doing my best to keep at that level.

This year's objectives:
[bragging begins]
  • 10k run early april
  • 21k run end of april
  • Ottawa combo, end of may: cycle to Ottawa (200k) on Saturday. Half-marathon on Sunday.
  • A couple of sprint triathlons this summer
  • A 5km open water swim in August
  • A 50km (or 100km) grand fondo in July (my first grand fondo)
  • A 125km trail run in September (this is actually an MS fundraiser)
  • Rest ;-)
At least, that's the plan so far. Last year was similar except that one of the two triathlons was a half Ironman, I did the 65km for the trail run and no open water swim or grand fondo. I feel very lucky that I am still able to do all this but I get the feeling that it's getting harder.
[bragging ends]

Snow is starting to melt here in Montreal, can't wait to take the bike out.

Aerobic exercise does not only help me long term but short term as well! I have cognition and fatigue problems and if I force myself to step out of the house and start cycling, running or swimming I usually feel much better within 2 minutes and this sometimes stays for at least a couple of hours after I'm back.
Coaching running has been a blessing, it forces me to get out the door even if I'm feeling lethargic.
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