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Hey all, I am still working on getting stronger hip flexors , abductors and abs. It really sidelined me because because of hip/ core instability. most activity hurts my joints. But your posts inspire me and I resolved to take advantage of some group exercise at my gym. So today I forced myself to the gym and to Take Pilates. But when I got there that class was full. My other choices were body power or ultra spin. I have a stationary bike, so I glibly walked into body power. I was going to do modified exercises so no worries right? It was a mixed martial arts aerobic class. Ha ha. I really wanted to leave, but couldn't handle the defeat to MS. I felt a little self concious too, especially scanning the room and seeing large women and senior citizens doing their best Hillary swank impersonation. But I stuck out the hour, I couldn't twist and kick or jump. But I could do boxing upper cut and into the ribs of my imaginary opponent . Especially when I made my imaginary opponent everything I was angry about. (Don't need to elaborate here! ) Although my workout was very mild, my body felt great, like I had an awesome work out. It's such an improvement on my recent activity level, I had to post it. The instructor told me afterwards that most people who accidentally take the class will leave after 10 min and she was impressed that I didn't. She also said I could use a chair in the class if I would like or take some other group classes with a little less intensity. So yay, I had a small but needed victory over MS!
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