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Hello, my name is Janice. I am 43 years old, married and have a large family with kids from college to age two. I was diagnosed and undiagnosed and diagnosed from september 08 to December 09 and started avonex in Febr. of 10. It kicks my day a week and am considering a switch to copaxone. Right now, the DMD causes more difficulty than the disease and that is hard to accept...although I am thankful that so far the disease is mild.

I am trying to stay active in more ways than one. My family keeps me going but I also have been walking or going to the Y to do the elliptical and lift weights. MS has also encouraged me to fix up my violin and start playing again after more than 15 years. I have started doing cognitive games and crosswords to keep active. I also have been doing things I used to pass on, for instance at the water park...I did all of the slides except the one known for head/neck injury (trying to be smart about it

Although MS stinks, it has made me live for today instead of waiting to do it tomorrow.
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