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Hello, I'm Michelle from Sydney Australia. I stumbled on this site by accident looking for exercise ideas and tips for working out well with MS.

Diagnosed as CIS Presumed MS Nov 2007, only last week changed to clinically definite. Have problems with my legs - balance, weakness and parasthesia. Oh, and the dreaded fatigue.

I'm taking Amantadine for fatigue, no DMD's but am considering Copaxone. Long story (aren't they all?)

I really want to connect with others who want to stay active and positive, help each other and continue to move through any changes MS may bring.

And have laugh too .....

PS - big on resistance training, yoga for 25 years, trying tai chi, love lots of walking, but need to set up a regular routine now that won't exhaust me. Especially to strengthen my legs, which have become quite wobbly of late.
Is anyone ready for this winding road? But we walk it ...

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