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Hi there. My first post after failing a few times to log in correctly. I have had a couple of exaceberations in the last 3-4 years which I put down to stress(one doctor helped with that diagnosis) and overtraining. Then November 2011 I was hospitalised with severe ataxia, polyuria and neurological deficits.

The Hong Kong doctors believe I have MS. I had loads of tests including usual blood tests CT, MRI and Nerve Evoking. All came out as normal but the Doctors still said that they are convinced I Have MS. At Easter I went home to New Zealand and got some further tests performed. This time I discovered that I have ANA Nucleolar Positive blood test. Again I was told this may indicate MS but also other autoimmune diseases are possible. Therefore I am on a watching brief.

I have become increasingly paranoid about what my body is doing. I have been an avid sportsman all my life. I run 2-3 marathons a year and train to do them as well as I can. It seems the aspect of my life I am struggling the most to retain. Since my November episode I have not had usual pain sensations which has impacted on how I can perform athletically. I have been running some since my hospitalisation but before then was actually injured and I have probably not properly really recovered yet so I have been wary of pushing on due to the risk of doing permanent physical damage.

Anyway I am very happy to find this forum. Moreso since I can now post on it. I want to find the strength to continue doing my thing and I am sure this website will be of great assistance to me. Many here have already inspired me.
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