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Default Diagnosed 2012

About 11 years ago my brother was diagnosed with MS. We were all devastated, heart broken, etc. Over the years I've seen him struggle with the crippling effects of losing a lot of his physical abilities (he was an ultra marathoner) and battle with fatigue.

Then I was diagnosed with FMS in 2003 after a shoulder surgery. In 2005 I was first screened for MS when some "white spots" were found on an MRI. While in grad school I began training for a marathon and then the fatigue started. Severe, unending, didn't think I could write another paper kind of fatigue. I finished my masters and left the doctoral program because I couldn't continue at the pace required.

Then my hands went numb. I assumed it was from the numerous hours I'd spent slumped over my computer but the Drs ruled carpel tunnel out. I mentioned the "white spots" and was immediately sent to a neurologist. A series of MRIs, a spinal tap, and it was confirmed that I have MS. I was diagnosed in August of 2011.

I cannot tolerate the DMDs, I tried but my symptoms and reactions were so severe I couldn't function. I found a holistic neurologist who agrees that the DMDs are the best option for those of us with RRMS but also understands that my quality of life was nil. I have made a conscious decision to choose quality over quantity of life. That being said, I'm doing everything holistically possible to take care of my brain. That is the focus of my attention nearly 100% of the time.

I have a private practice and work at an inpatient psychiatric facility. I'm owned and loved by 4 awesome Great Danes. I've started horseback riding (dressage) to stimulate neuron growth, increase mind body connection, and improve physical fitness. I take yoga classes and I meditate. I'm not back to running yet, the fatigue is a big bad wolf I'm constantly managing but I do feel as though I'll have the energy to start running again soon.

When I first joined Active MSers I told Dave I wanted to start running again. It's been a process to get to where I'm at now but I believe with all my heart that running is definitely in my future! I have no need or desire to run a marathon any longer but would be over the moon with a 10 or 15K. I'd be happy with a 5K too.

Oddly, this diagnosis has improved the quality of my life overall. I'm no longer waiting for the right time or tomorrow. If I want to do something, there's no better time than now.

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