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Talking 3-4-09

3-4-09 was the worst day i have ever had...see my family doctor has been my doctor my whole life so when my left side went numb and he sent me for an mri getting a call from him at 830 at night didnt alarm me. I was certain that the extreme exercise i had been doing in the preceding days caused my numbness so this call did not make me worry. BUT yes theres always a BUT...when he said "you have lesions that fit the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis" i totally fell apart. I mean i melted to the floor, sobbing, hyper ventilating, just freakin out!! i didnt know anyone with ms, the only things i knew were what i seen on tv...after my initial shock wore off and i was educated by my family doc and of course my new neuro i was fine. I know now that ms is not a death sentence and not everyone with ms will end up in a wheel chair. I now know that living with ms is hard but so far my problems are little. Im only 20 yrs i had/have many fears about whats to come in life for mebut i think my ms will just be another hurdle i have to jump over!! I am sooo glad to have found this site!! ive been looking for people to talk to about this for, well since 3-4-09 so this is great!!
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