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Default What a great board...

Hi. I am to the diagnosis of MS; however, funny weird stuff happening for years and "possible MS" stated over and over and over.

Used to be an avid runner...not great, just persistent. I was running 4 1/2 to 6 miles a day, and now I get so over heated if I walk 1/2 a mile, run 1/2 a mile, and walk another 1/2 a mile that my right leg begins to not cooperate with me. I would like to get back there, so I am about to begin a 5-k training plan. Determined to find a way past the leg issues.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so there is so much hiking, kayaking, biking, and beach walking to do...I just want to get the energy back to do it all.

Thanks for a wonderful message board. This is great that it is so positive and the site has so much information. Thanks for replying to my post about trekking poles on another site...otherwise I would have never found this place!
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