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Default Thanks for your detailed answer.

I understand the differences as you explained. I wonder at the significance but, my neurologist recommends that I take Ocrevus if the rituxan stops working. He said there were small differences between the two that would be worth a shot if I end up against the wall.

On another MS site that I use I posted the following about some of the improvements I have experienced while on rituxan.
Here it is:

Linda, do you recall how long you were on Rituxan before you started to notice a difference in the way you felt?
My answer:
That is the question I keep asking myself.
What I do know is that, as with IVIg, I get an immediate benefit.

But, long term improvements are like accumulating long term disability. Change happens slowly and you don't really notice. It was several years before I started saying that I could stand still, I could walk a few steps without my walker and I was much more energetic throughout the day.

In the last two years on rituxan those improvements have remained. I am now active 10 hours a day. I can stand and walk for several minutes at a time. What I mean is that I can walk unaided for several minutes at a time. In the clear, no walls to use for support, just walking like I used to.

So, I would say that real improvements started showing up after a couple of years and those improvements have only gotten stronger since then.
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