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I went skating for first time in 5 years this winter, forgot how much I love skating. It went better than I thought it would, with last relapse in 2016 now have issues with reflexes and sensation in both feet. Despite that even did 10km on the river trail here in Winnipeg, at my own pace, with rests at the warming huts along the trail. I didn't dare try backwards or crosscuts though lol.

I grew up playing ringette and soccer, even continued through university and played in rec leagues after uni, gave up both after diagnosis, although I did try to continue soccer, but it was the blindness in my left eye that put me on the sidelines as I wasn't seeing other players until too late, some bad collisions....tried playing in goal, but took the ball in the face because lack of depth I focused instead on individual activities....walking the dog, cycling, horseback riding, kayaking and have built up fitness and endurance that way.

Don't count out hockey yet....definitely possible to build up endurance and fitness...after every relapse I start back with walking the dog and keep adding distance, then add in bike and horse riding, and kayaking. winters I try to get in some time at the gym on the elliptical, but never quite stick to a good schedule. With all my MS issues, I don't have the coordination and vision to play team sports anymore (3.5 on the EDSS), but am able to build up the endurance and fitness to do the local MS Bike, Pain in the Assiniboine urban adventure race (bike and kayak), ride my horse on 3hr trail rides (I used to compete in para dressage with him but he's retired from competition now), and stay more active than many "healthy" people.

Keep at it. When I first got back into riding horses, I had to elastic my foot to the stirrup to keep from losing it and falling off, through persistence I no longer need to use the elastic even though the numbness and coordination issues remain. Built new muscle memory? not sure, but by persisting I am now able to continue riding and enjoying my childhood passion for horses. I am also convinced that it has helped me with my balance....
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