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Default Is physical exercise a multiple sclerosis disease modifying treatment?

Alas, I do not have paid access. But after seeing positive study after positive study, I imagine there is compelling research that indeed there is significant power in exercise for those with MS. If someone purchases access, I'd love to see a summary or some key conclusions. The teaser abstract is below. - Dave

Expert Rev Neurother. 2016 May 24. [Epub ahead of print]

Is physical exercise a multiple sclerosis disease modifying treatment?

Motl RW1, Pilutti LA1.



There is consensus that exercise represents a behavioral approach for the restoration of function and management of symptoms among persons with multiple sclerosis (MS). The current paper provides a review on the topic of exercise and physical activity as MS-disease modifying treatments.


Firstly, metrics for evaluating disease modification and progression in MS are described. Secondly, evidence for exercise as a MS-disease modifying therapy based on individual studies, literature reviews, and meta-analyses is summarized. Finally, the paper focuses on major limitations of the existing body of research.

Expert Commentary:
Exercise and physical activity have been associated with reduced relapse rate, mobility disability and its progression, and lesion volume, and improved neuroperformance, particularly walking outcomes. This evidence provides a positive, yet preliminary, picture for exercise having possible effects on markers of disease modification and progression in MS.

Dave Bexfield
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