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Default Rituxan vs Ocrevus

Originally Posted by ActiveMSers View Post
PHX, I did get accepted into the Biotin trial, which is testing high dosage (100mg 3x daily). Many docs are recommending it, but the evidence isn't in and the supplement according to one study could make your MS worse. We'll see how it goes with me, but after 3 months, I'm slower still, so I'm not terribly optimistic.
My insurer is now covering Ocrevus. I may switch or try a different drug altogether....
Hi Dave,
I have been on rituxan for about 5 years. When Ocrevus came on the market I read and read to determine the difference. (I know, animal vs. human origin). I could not understand a difference.

I did understand the politics of patents and money. Then I listened to presentations by Vollmer and he used the words interchangeably. He kept saying Ocrevus/ rituxan. He said they were the same.

Yet, my neurologist says that if the rituxan stops being helpful that I will switch to Ocrevus because they are "slightly different". Huh? I will because I have a neurologist that I trust. But, huh?

After 5 years on rituxan I am in great shape. There has been progression but there have also been restorations of formally lost abilities. I am still very active.

I wondered why you were considering the switch.
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