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Default Helping hand For MSers

Hi Dave,
Just ran across this blog the other day. It really reminded me of how cruel MS can be to ones mobility and the impact it can have on their daily life.
My name is Mike and I am the person that developed the leg strap you saw in the Utube video. Thanks for sharing with your group. I have made a few changes to the device to make it easier to use. I also changed the name to make it easier to remember. I call it the "Flexion Support System". It is a slow process developing a device and trying to get manufacturing in place to make it available to people. It is also very expensive so that also is slowing me down a bit. I am doing it by myself and I continue to make progress although it seems slow. I recently contracted with a company to manufacture 200 units for me. I plan to turn up a website in the next 60 days to start making it available. I am missing one key component. To make the device with the resistance cords available I am told that to be on the safe side I should find someone like Hanger Clinic or have a physical therapist that will install and fine tune them. I have reached out to Hanger Clinic but have had no response.
If I can get that portion figured out I will start making the resistance cord version available.
Any one have any ideas? I'm definitely open to ideas.


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