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It was amazing seeing Mike going up a flight of stairs with his invention and his walking speed looked improved as he was using it.

I don't think people with MS lack motivation to be mobile either Sue and I have also been frustrated with the exercises that are recommended to me. I would go to therapy with what I thought was a unique problem and the same muscle groups needed work! But I don't know what else physical therapy would offer.

My PT was quick to recommend forearm crutches and they help me immensely. She felt it was important for me to be able to get around and not stay home because being mobile was too hard. I upgraded to a set of Sidestix a couple of years ago.

My PT also encouraged me to work on strengthening my core which has really helped, particularly with balance issues. I have gotten the best advice about managing through a relapse from PTs.

I think in general there is a lack of understanding about how MS impacts muscle strength once enough damage has been done. The effort it takes to get around is significant when hip flexors are weak. And if your lower legs and ankles are also weak, standing will be hard too.


My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary
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