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You make a great point, Rox. A calorie is not a calorie. And all vegetarian food is not healthy. Case in point: while the new Impossible Burger is extremely meat-like, it's likely as bad for you as the real thing, and far more processed. A straight-up veggie burger without the processing is far healthier. The Washington Post just ran a story on it yesterday in fact. -D

But the industry has taken liberties with the definition of “plant-based.” Rather than focusing on whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts, which is what health professionals mean when they recommend “plant-based eating,” food manufacturers are developing *ultra-processed burgers out of pea or soy protein, methylcellulose and maltodextrin, and liquid “eggs” out of mung bean protein isolate and gellan gum. Then they crown this ultra-processed food with an undeserved health halo.
Dave Bexfield
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