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Default Inspiration

Hey Hondo,
You have gave me some inspiration to go and get on my bike which is attached to my indoor turbo trainer, started again yesterday 6 sets of 1 min with a 1 min rest between each set a little wobbly when I got of after but felt good and legs a little sore last night.
Got to build some strength up in my legs you don't realise how much you lose, hope it helps my walking and balance which is poor, still do some weights and resistant band work for my upper body but have neglected my lower body because initially it makes my balance worse but with doing this consistently I hope it makes things better.
Check out a guy here in the UK on Twitter called @Chris Wing he as got PPMS could not walk overweight and now with consistently working out lost weight runs on a treadmill and weights trains another guy that picked him self up and changed things around.
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