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There is no such thing as a slow marathon in my book. Congratulations on your time and keep on pushing for your goals. I know you'll grab that 4:xx:xx marathon soon enough.

Many thanks. You have given me great advice. Until now, I have always ignored my symptoms while running because they were rather mild. Now, for the first time, I have been forced to take note and make adjustments. I too use a simultaneous combination of all three options: sometimes I slow down, sometimes I stop and there are times to ignore it. As it was aptly pointed out in the above post, runners tend to know when to push and when to pull back.

For sure the lack of full control of the body while running requires extra concentration. I too find this very draining some days while other days it's not a problem. I wish I knew the secret to this so that I could overcome the fatigue everyday.

I ran the Athens Classic Marathon last month. I was hoping for 3:30, and I ended up running a 4:27 due to fatigue and joint pain. Disappointing yes, but I am not giving up. I am training now for a half marathon in Naples, FL this January and will take another shot at a marathon in Thessaloniki, Greece in April.

If I have more flair ups during training that could be of interest to you and other runners, I will gladly post them. Especially if through trial and error I happen to find effective ways of dealing with them. Best of luck.
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