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Congrats on the Assiniboine CL3, well done, longer race than I thought it might be!

Wish I could say I did as well. Unfortunately I didn't ride at all in the MS 150 this year, my back got worse, the more I tried to do and the more I tried to loosen it up, the worse it got until finally I couldn't really ride at all. I did go up and help set up the team tent and do what I could - until beer thirty, then I helped drink Left Hands beer and listen to everyone's account of the ride. By all accounts it was a very successful ride!

Saw my doc yesterday, it's probably just some strained ligaments in my low back. Ten days or so off the bike and taking it easy and he thinks all should end well, so I got a couple of books to while away the time. Afraid this doesn't bode well for the Triple Bypass

Next time,
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