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Thanks for posting this Dave! I wish research like this described or dug deeper into the term “fatigue”. It can mean so many things. My PT gave me a “fatigue chart” that i was supposed to use as a guage. My main problem generally seems to be poor endurance of muscles which recovers with short breaks. The protocol i was given didnt adapt well to this- once i got muscle fatigue i was supposed to stop, which inevitably happened quickly, causing me frustration and no aerobic or strenghth gain. HITT was only thing that has benefited me. Second, I like to point out,as i havebefore, that insurers like goals and short treatment plans which achieve measurable results, but are not focused on maintaing strenth as a goal. People with neuro-degenerative diseases should be automatically presumed to need continung PT support. Ok that’s all my grandstanding for today.

I couldn't access full article but I found this slide presentation detailing moffat’s findings I thougjt i wld share. share...Page 19 is chart listing obstacles and solutions.
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