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Glad to hear the training reports. Larry, Denver weather really is had some 60's and got miles and miles in, and now a foot of snow? Wow...keeps you changing up the routines, huh?

Teena Marie, I always marvel at your dedication to the daily swim...even if it IS in your living room....

Marina, I'm just impressed with your planning an MS150 in May...Another similarity between us ( but don't tell Dave, he'll find another cartoon.. ) is that 4 years ago I also bought my Bike Friday when I thought that would solve my issues....and also loved it. I'm gonna cut the ties this spring and sell it..... For me, I've gotta move on..

Dave, our fearless leader, reading your ride reports and loving the nature reports, but also it has me finally thinking about getting a heart rate monitor for my workouts. This is something I have never used.....any recommendations???

And as for me, well, I am happy to report that I am Back in the Ring! Today I did my first Sufferfest video since November, and boy was it rough! And I honestly don't think much of it was from my recent relapse.....more just lack of training! At one point, toward the end of this video, it blasts " Freight Train Baby" on the screen, and usually I am cruising at this point and giving the screen Thumbs Up and being totally ridiculous yell " Yes!!" .... well today I felt like the Little Engine That Could....I think I groaned at that point! Some of the recovery periods I didn't spin AT ALL and really felt my cadence and effort was way down there. This video has the racer practically throwing his bike aside at the end.....I had greater empathy for him today than ever!! Would have thrown the trike but I was sitting on it!!

But I think you can tell I found the humor in this, and I know that I am just rebuilding, and it WILL happen.... Feels good....I am pooped right now, but feels good.....
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