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MS Yoda
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Kristen, glad you joined us, I like your 1000 mile running goal. Mine for last year was 5000 on the bike, I got to within 250 miles of it, would have made it easily except for an accident early in the year. I'll keep it the same this year.

Pell, I'm doing about the same thing you are, just trying to keep moving. If I can ride I do that, otherwise I walk. If it's too icy to even walk I might spin or do weights or stairs and core. If we ever get enough snow I'll get on the cross country skis. No real set schedule except for yoga twice a week, kind of letting the weather guide me right now. My near term goal is to be back in shape by end of February. Also joined the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club. They don't cater to beginners, only A and B groups. Hope I can keep up.

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