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Default Crazy, or stupid crazy? Cycling potty solution (for men)

So. When I go on rides these days and get overheated, my legs get hella wonky. I need to rest for five minutes and cool down before I try to stand. Now if I have to tinkle, fuggetaboutit. It takes too much effort and too long to get to a tree. I could always use my "protection" but that's rather uncomfortable and really mainly for emergencies. Enter crazy idea: a condom catheter for long rides.

I just ordered one (with tubing and bag). God knows if I'll actually use it, but it would take a little stress out of going on 20+ mile bike rides. I this way I can hydrate without fear of waking up the bladder.

Am I crazy? Has anyone tried this? I'll post about success or failures as they come. But don't expect heavy details!
Dave Bexfield
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