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Default Hello!

I'm turning 30 this year, was diagnosed almost 8 years ago, had a few relapses but nothing biggest battle is fighting fatigue, stress and the Arizona heat (I'm in Phoenix).

Been on Avonex for six years, and the only time I've had a relapse was when I went off of it for six months. (I had someone giving me the shots for years, lost that person in my life, and was too afraid to give them to myself for a while. BIG mistake.)

AmyK, I'd encourage you to stay on the Avonex for a while...don't skip any doses...and see how it does. And for anyone battling mental blocks about self-injecting, I'd encourage you to do whatever you can to become self-reliant in this area...I hate doing it every single week, but it's a great sense of accomplishment each time I do it, like I'm taking control of my health.

Thanks for introducing me to the site Dave!
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