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Originally Posted by Bigrushfan View Post
Hi Larry,

I have been feeling great and doing a lot of running these past weeks. My last event was a half marathon back in early May in Skopje. Right now I am training to run my second full marathon this coming October in Istanbul. Unfortunately, my employment situation in Kosovo is up in the air after August so I have not committed just yet. Well see. My motivation level is rather high right now.

Although I experienced two separate micro flare ups while running on the treadmill this past winter --events that led me to this forum-- that approached drop foot, I have not had a full relapse yet. I use custom, orthotic inserts in my running shoes to counter a previous bout of plantar fasciitis. That said, there is no doubt that the inserts give me additional support that helps stabilize my gait and maintain balance. Its no wonder that some doctors are prescribing them for patients with MS and foot/numbness issues.

Thanks again for sharing the above medical studies. I do read them when I make the time.

What's the issue with your hip flexors? I have had IT band issues in my hip many years ago. That's a seperate issue, but I know a lot of good stretches/exercises.

Hey John, I did a VO2 test earlier this year that included strength testing and foot/gait analysis. Turned out my right leg was quite a bit weaker than my left, the hip flexor, which was not directly tested, probably exhibits the greatest difference. That is all the result of the MS. I ended up with a weight training program for the leg strength differences but haven't had a chance to implement it yet because I sort of over committed to bike events this year, hopefully this winter.

The difference between what the sports physiologist recommended and what I normally do was to put more emphasis on lifting heavy weights with fewer reps. His reasoning was that the heavier the weight, the more neural activity is required. I'll certainly let people know if I perceive a significant improvement but if experience is any indicator, I think it could take a couple of seasons of concerted effort before I can tell.

I'm feeling good too. I find I have to put in quite a bit of time to maintain that feeling but I enjoy the cycling so it's a pleasure to do that. I also think I've gained slightly in speed if not strength this year and at 61 years old with MS, I consider any gain success.

If you ever get a chance, Id highly recommend a VO2 test. Finding your heart rate zones and implementing a program that uses them effectively can lead to larger gains with less effort. Like most people, I was guilty of pushing too hard. I've got to say, I definately feel better when I don't do that.

A marathon in Istanbul sounds incredible, hope the job holds out, Id really like to hear about that. Hows the air in Istanbul?

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