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Default That is a big question.....

Many years ago I was about to switch meds and wanted a second opinion. I don’t know why. My neurologist was the best you could imagine and he had always sent me for second opinions when it seemed Important.

Anyway, I did not listen to him this time and made my own appointment with the head of the neurology dept. at Hartford CT. Hospital. Sure enough he advised against using any med because I was in my 50’s and the MS would just fade away! I wa shocked. Fortunately my insurance company never got this guy’s report.

So, I went to see my neurologist again and told him about my visit in Hartford. He looked at me and quietly said “ I told you not to go”. I am laughing now just remembering ...

So now I am 72. I am a very active farmer and my doctors know that as my MS slowly progresses my goal is to be able to keep farming. The thing that makes the decision for me is the low profile of side effects with rituxan/Ocrevus. I am not sure what I would do if the rituxan stops working. I am in a tough situation because previous cancer makes some meds more dangerous for me.

Let me know what you do! Best wishes....
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