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LMH, just a couple of thoughts.

My impression of the MS burnout with age theory is that it is based primarily on anecdotal evidence and secondarily on a lack of active lesion activity on MRI's generally in people dx'ed SPMS. Anecdotal evidence of course is not the same as scientific evidence. And most neurologists agree that the lesion activity seen on MRI'S is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the damage done by MS.

A better metric, particularly for people diagnosed as secondary progressive, might be brain volume or more specifically, the reduction of brain volume over time. You might consider asking your neurologist or radiologist to look over your last few MRI'S specifically for brain volume. Any indication of an alarming rate of brain volume loss might be a good reason to switch to a more aggressive disease modifying therapy.

I probably would not have gone on Rituxan had it not been for an extended period of rapid MS progression which BTW, did not show up as an active lesion on the MRI but may have been evident as an enhanced lesion!

Good luck,
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