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Happy 2020 to all!

Training continues, even during the holiday. My biggest present was getting back in the pool. December 26 is the best because the pool is essentially empty. I work with an aquatic therapist who helps me get in and out. Even though there is a chair to get you in and out, it is ancient and too high. My feet don't touch the ground. 6 months without swimming certainly takes it's toll but it feels great. I also hit the gym for the handcycle which is coming along slowly. I aim to get my heartrate high enough to be considered cardiovascular but this will take some time. Worked with a trainer today and stood holding on to the fence in front of me for over 6 minutes. Felt amazing. We are working a lot on postural muscles. I need more core so that, like you, Veronica, I can rollover in bed!

Love the ski goals, Veronica, bike goals, Larry, yoga Suebee and everyone

Gentle winter so far, here in Montreal.

Take care all,

Teena Marie else

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