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Happy 2020 everyone!

I kinda fell off the face of the internet earth here but I want to get into the swing of things.

The bad: I never quite got back to 100% after my 7/20/18 hip surgery and spent over a year chasing compensation issues on my opposite side. I eventually had an MRI and it wasnt just a compensation issue. So I had another hip surgery (repairs and not replacements, harder recovery, boo) on 11/20/19.

The good: I got off of crutches in 4 weeks as opposed to 9 weeks on the opposite side. I had wanted to ditch then since week 2 but the surgeon wanted 4 minimum. Overall this recovery has gone better in every way, so I am really hopeful about my longer term prospects.

The Meh: My bikeMS ride will happen about 7 months post op (rather than 11 months last time) and having the experience of being there and not riding or riding a much shorter distance then in the past...I wont do it again. Especially since that ride require a weekend stay and all the expense that goes with that. So - its yet to be seen whether I will be there or not. The closer to me ride is very hilly and along the bike trail across from my house, so not to good for a trike rider. Not sure what I will do

The Near Term Goals - I am up to walking and riding 15 minutes, and even back on my own bike, this time next month I'd love those limits will increase to 30 minutes!
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