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Default Back in the Saddle

I love this time of year!

Got out for the first ride of the year this week. Went around my favorite piece of urban country side, the reservoir a couple of miles from my house. The sun was out and although it was only about 50 degrees, it was quite comfortable. But the BIG reason I loved it so much was because everyone out on the roads and trails was soooo friendly! The runners smiled, waved and said hey to the bikes, all of the bikers waved to all of the other bikers, even the old folks out on the trail behind the old folks home smiled and said hi, well, all except that one old lady.

I rode a little less than 25 miles, didn't hammer anything, just enjoyed the day. So much in fact that I went out the next day too and had the same experience. I love this time of year.

It has begun again,
Have fun out there,
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