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I have a few weeks of Kripalu yoga under my belt and it is working great, I have noticed that the tightness in my left calf and hip flexors is better afterwards, such that the walk to the bus after is noticeably less stiff than the walk to class...and haven't had any mid sleep wake up to a charlie horse cramp in the middle of the night for some weeks, and no hobbling around when I first wake up. This means I can avoid drugs, neuro was ready with a script for baclofen but we decided to see if I could get it under control this way. Yoga and swimming is doing the trick for me. Last year I was doing lots of treadmill work, trying to progress on a couch to 5k walk/run program, and in hindsight it may have been contributing? Either way I am much happier this winter.

My weekly adult swim lessons go until March 10th, have to decide if I am going to do another session or try public lap swimming on my own...

Looking forward to spring. MS Bike tour in August, and also looking at a kayak event in September "Red River Paddle Challenge" a 45km paddle along the Red River all the way through the city of Winnipeg. Gives me all summer to build up fitness for a big endurance event....and the weather is cooler in september so I don't have to worry about the heat...gotta love a challenge!

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